AI, ML & Social Media

Social Media has become an integral part of almost everything. It connects millions of people around the world, who share new and interesting things with each other. Consequently, social media has become more than just communication. It has become a platform for big firms around the world, who use it to advertise their products. However, … Continue reading AI, ML & Social Media

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 The rapid development of technology has brought us solutions imagined only by science fiction writers 3 decades ago. This development has opened up new ways to explore human life and their functions. What used to seem so far away into the future has come into existence now. From self-driving cars to Iot light bulbs, the … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Waymo – Google’s Self Driving Car Project

The future is electric. Millions of products that were mechanical or powered by gas are turning electric. We are in a transition phase; A time when we are just researching and experimenting with adding electricity to our products: Electric vehicles, automated factory production lines, solar technology etc. One such project which will emerge in the … Continue reading Waymo – Google’s Self Driving Car Project