E-Waste and how Coronavirus will help reduce it

We live in an age of mass consumerism. The growth of technology and associated hardware products isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Every year, there is a race to buy the latest products off the shelves of online and office marketplaces because no one wants to get "left behind." But what happens to all … Continue reading E-Waste and how Coronavirus will help reduce it


AI, ML, and How China Escaped The Coronavirus Pandemic Quickly

COVID-19 has caused a massive attack on its economy, healthcare system, and a complete lockdown in most countries. The way of life has almost completely halted in 70% of the world, and businesses have taken a hit. However, one may have noticed on the countless apps created to track the advent of the spread of … Continue reading AI, ML, and How China Escaped The Coronavirus Pandemic Quickly

Home WiFi System (Mesh Routers)

Have you ever been frustrated because of slow or non-existent WiFi connections? Is a particular place in your home alien to WiFi coverage? Are your WiFi speeds abominable when compared to your internet service provider's WiFi speeds? Then you've come to the right place. Read on to find the solution to your problems. The Root … Continue reading Home WiFi System (Mesh Routers)

The Secret Weapon in EV Technology

Electric Vehicles (EV) are steadily being adapted by today's consumer market. We can already find millions of electric vehicles on the roads of most of the developed countries. Sales of electric vehicle companies are growing, while that of the sale of gas cars grows at a slow rate. It is well understood that there is … Continue reading The Secret Weapon in EV Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 The rapid development of technology has brought us solutions imagined only by science fiction writers 3 decades ago. This development has opened up new ways to explore human life and their functions. What used to seem so far away into the future has come into existence now. From self-driving cars to Iot light bulbs, the … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning